Stone and the Sea 
You were a stone and I was the sea
You sunk your deepest right into me
I am your relief, I am your tranquility

Lie supinely, divinely, finally
We are one again, we’ve found what we’re looking for 
if we can only reel it in

Sink like an anchor in the churning mar
Trying to steady bracing and ready
For the mast to collapse to drag you down and drown
It doesn’t matter where you die when you’re lost at sea

Lie supinely, divinely, finally
We are one again, we’ve found what we’re looking for 
if we can only reel it in

I was a ghost that haunted your dreams
You didn’t want to wake, but you couldn’t even sleep
Traveling light has no destination 

Lie supinely, divinely, finally

Tidal Wave
Once in a lifetime you’ll come across 
someone bright who makes you shine
When this happens don’t let it go, hold on tight
This is when you know something is different
When the tidal wave picks you up, don’t resist

These days move too fast so soak it in
Let the rays warm your olive skin 
Tell her what you’re thinking
For all we know it could be gone 
Don’t want to live with any regrets

Solace in surrender, give in
When the tidal wave picks you up, don’t resist

Lion at the Well
Are you the lion at the well? 
Hoarding more than your share?
Squander as you wander through the endless equities
Airplanes hung from your ceilings 
to send the impressed reeling
But this is only appealing to the types 
of folks with which you've been dealing

Elephant tusks mount the walls 
only to draw awe, swallow your pride
Push your filthy greed aside 
you who will misguide the lives of 
those who confide in your lies

Oak Tree
I get lost in the colors of your iris
They pull me in like the moon to the tide
I’ve been waiting for you always

Our love grows, an oak tree in the spring
Stronger every day and I pray that you’ll stay

My love, don’t shed a tear
My dove, I’ll always be near 

Like the perigee’s affect on the sea
gravity increased and currents gain momentum

Our love grows, an oak tree in the spring
Stronger every day and I pray that you’ll stay

My love, don’t shed a tear
My dove, I’ll always be near 
I’ve been waiting for you always


blood in my veins
all the things that you loved will be gone in the end
all the facts that you knew turned out to be wrong unsure and unproved
but i know who you are and who i've always wanted to be
what lies beyond the valley? there is fertile land there is room to grow
do not fear what you do not know cause we will learn to let go and fly
you've raised me from the dead you've pulled me from the grave
you've pumped blood through my veins the kind of love that can't be tamed or caged
i want to let it out i want to let it out from the inside

we hid in the woodlands i reached out in the dark for your hands
the path was lit by moonlight a cloud crossed and we lost our sight
the briar patch grabbed my jacket with sharp fingers that poked and scratched it
we didn't care to find our the way out of here morning's near
do i need to stay all night to prove to you? are things gonna be alright? i hope so
we hid in the woodlands we hid in the woodlands

king of the jellyfish
stumbling in the courtyard love drunk like sparrows in vineyards
red grapes do stain like blood on the cement crushed as flowers
but they can't find their way they're addled these fields are home
hay bales are scattered along the hinterland
every creaking step the wooden floor
tells secrets misfortune makes believing easier
than leaving factories are steaming this town is not for me
on a sinking ship baby i'm going down
to the bottom of the sea to never be found
on my head hangs an anchor worn like a crown
the king of the jellyfish the silence resounds
the river a pathway unknown stories that are still being told
by the mill piles of barley and rye have dried up and beg for clouds to cry
we wait for the rain to come water you can't live without it
but with too much you might drown in your own thirst

patience, my dear friend
i'm sure there's someone waiting for you to find them (on the lookout)
to fill the void you feel inside it's not permanent (you must have)
patience my dear friend cause you don't know what lies around the bend
it's gonna change your life if you'd step out on to ledge
when you take a chance and dive into the unknown and all that's beyond
he cracked a magazine in the reading room (break the silence)
the downtown library quite empty but he should not assume (solitude)
a timid hello you cautiously extend she smiles and asks what books you'd recommend
the creation of this encounter fate or designed by an unseen power
just dive headfirst with eyes closed don't forget to plug your nose
when you meet the one that you will call your wife you will be so alive

don't lose your fire
if i had a castle up in the clouds you'd wear the crown and we'd never come down
we'd feast on rare fruits and dine with fine wines we'd leave the gates open and welcome our kin
how can you hear me with no ears? why are we distant when so near
how can you breathe me with no gills? why so empty when this should fulfill?
don't lose your fire
if i was an ocean i'd swallow you whole to the depths of my stomach trapped like a fool
but held against his will captive until i regain my senses and the idea distills
how can you see this with no lenses? how can you enter when we've built these fences?
how can you feel it with no nerves? how can you tell me that i don't deserve?
don't lose your fire don't lose your fire

in theory i should be already home but i'm still here
the bar has closed down and now we are out in the parking lot alone
your shimmering face underneath the street light
with glimmering eyes as you stare right back into mine
we both share the desire to travel the entire whole world
you understand that whenever i make plans i'll follow through them
your gravity pulls me into where i want to be
my shivering hands in the warm summer evening breeze
i don't want to call it a night everything feels so right this time
i'm not even tired i'm even quite wired and it's 3am
i sip on my vitamin water and tell you that you should also do the same
need to hydrate don't want to tempt fate more than i already have
i've been awakened by everything that you have said tonight
you say that you're going to visit with lions while i'll head east

is this what you want?
hold on your better than this don't lose control or sight of your goal
you're a strong willed girl meant to change the world
and i know uncertainty can be disconcerting
is this what you want? is this what you need?
these things that will impede your ability to breathe
time moves too fast and these moments never last as long as you need them to
to say whats on your mind what's been eating you alive is it fear of being left behind

with morning will come new daylight
it's never enough you want more and more 'til you're on the floor
like a drug in your vein it kills the pain and makes everything
alright alright
hands shaking you're craving relief from all your misery
you beg for a liberator someone who can set you free
alright alright with morning will come new daylight

what you love must be set free
here we are right back at the start but we've guarded our hearts
unsure if it's for the better i still spend too much time alone
that's where i feel home
what you love must be free if it comes back than it's yours to keep
is it worth it to try and make this glove fit
your eyes admit you were never ready to commit
the little bit required to make our high wire balancing act
a tight rope of hope blemished yet polished like pearls at the bottom of the sea
what you love must be free if it comes back than it's yours to keep

i miss the way you move i miss the little things you do
why don't you come back to life to ease my burden and strife
i miss the sentences you formed you're well timed words brought me warmth
i know it's not the fire that's heating my bones but my desire to hold you close
just slow down this rationale it's a snowball an avalanche
i'm in a free fall i'm tumbling i don't know what way is up so
jump from your airplane don't look down just close your eyes

safer landing
on top of buildings over look the city
which is falling asleep before our eyes
the moon has come out a welcome surprise
we watched the people down in the streets below
they moved slowly time and distance are relative
heaven must be closer up here
why do you stay close to the ground?
cut off the weights that tie you down
don't be afraid to open your parachute will take you to a
safer landing this hurricane will take you home
we can see for miles stars start to align themselves so
we connect the dots to create shapes constellations radiate
heaven must be closer up here

listen to your heart
listen to your heart your true self shouldn't be ignored
there's beauty in the shadows so let me in to where no one goes no one goes
trust is not safe and gambling requires faith unfold your paper mache
love like a midnight thief lures us like fish to the reef
when the laughter fades and the curtains close and the night comes to an end an end
lanterns light the way with rays of love that leads us home